New directions in Continental philosophy


Gert is always on the lookout for new thinkers, and she has some exciting ones for you today:

Italo Conduttore – bus theory

When you’re sitting in a bus, the world seems to move, but we know it doesn’t really. We are the ones moving. But are we, Conduttore (who is actually a bus driver) asks?  His work consists of a series of aphoristic questions that challenge the nature of accepted reality:

If the world does not move, how is it that the place we arrive is different from the place we started?

If the world does not move, why is it raining in one place and not in another?


Stavros Palaistis – wrestling theory

Taking literally the idea of wrestling with philosophical problems, Palaistis has developed a series of wrestling moves that enable philosophers to communicate without words.  Here’s one of his “active dialogues” on the question of Plato’s forms:

Fauchage_hanche_naban  240px-Immobili2 Immobili1


Griselda Souris – Mouse theory


The idea is to look at the world from a mouse’s point of view. This would seem to have the advantage that mice don’t worry about philosophical problems. Unfortunately, Gert is unable to make head, tail or whiskers of Souris’ extremely post-modern language. If anyone has a handle on it, please let us know.


Images: Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “New directions in Continental philosophy

  1. These new directions suggested by Gert lead (of course) to interesting places, although none that elucidate the meaning behind any of these philosophical stances. There is indeed a town of Souris on Prince Edward Island, although no indication that it has either a mouse problem or a Griselda problem. Au contraire — it has bingo and a Mousetales Newsletter (have not signed up for it), and the 12th annual village feast coming up, at which they expect to feed 1,000 people a variety of seafood (children’s plates available). None of this seems particularly complex philosophically, so I am probably not looking deep enough beneath the surface.

    1. For a moment I thought you were going to say they would be serving varieties of mousefood. No,Teri, fascinating as the Mousetales newsletter would be, I think this is, as Souris would say un hareng rouge.

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