Radical candour


Gert was impressed by an article in her newspaper about The Art Of Radical Candour in the workplace. The gist of it is that, instead of pussyfooting round, you should come right out and tell your employees exactly what’s wrong with them.

The radical candour framework is fairly simple and marries two important – but often competing – workplace behaviours: challenging directly while caring deeply. If implemented successfully, advocates say this will help you “get what you want by saying what you mean”.

 Somebody, of course, has written a book about this highly innovative idea.

I look forward to the day the employer tells his staff that what he really wants is for them to work a lot harder for less. And does radical candour apply in the other direction?  Do the members of the board tell the chairman he’s blathering and he should get to the point? Does the PA tell the boss his aftershave is really much too powerful?


As we speak Gert is working on her own book for the business world, Radical Muddling.  She argues that workers should just be allowed to muddle along and make things up as they go. According to chaos theory this should free up an extraordinary range of possibilities, some of which we can’t even imagine.

Image: Photopin http://www.flickr.com/photos/115089924@N02/45263872574

7 thoughts on “Radical candour

      1. Not knocking your decision, we know what we can or can’t take (well some of us), but it’s very entertaining. have you read Max Barry’s Company and/or Syrup?

  1. I thought that was what we did already “Radical Muddling”, that’s why we’re waiting for the monumental financial meltdown.

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