Pig power


Something to cheer you up: Grunt the pig is walking the streets of Wangaratta again after a public outcry when the council banned him.  According to his owner, Grunt cries if he doesn’t get his daily walk. You can read all about it here if you’ve got nothing better to do with your Sunday:


11 thoughts on “Pig power

  1. There’s a couple of fellows who adopted what they thought was a miniature pig and it turned out to be the size of the one in the picture. He weighs a couple of hundred pounds. They had to sell their house and move into the country. It was amazing how attached they were to the animal.

      1. Who knows what’s happening to these pigs. There may be a recessive gene coming through. However, if you aren’t planning for it, it can make a big change in your plans.

      1. I think they are too. When I was a young girl I was visiting my uncle’s farm. He said if I could catch one of those little piglets I could keep it. My cousin was there too so what we did was got a nap sack and put it over the door where the piglets went in and out. By jove we caught one. We weren’t allowed to keep it. Can they ever run fast.

          1. No, I enjoyed the challenge of catching the little fellow. My cousin held the knapsack and I got in the pen to chase them through the door. I didn’t want to take it home even though he was awfully cute.

              1. Can’t you just imagine the challenge of catching one of those cute little piglets? They can run faster than lightening.

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