That’s what I call confidence



This [book] earned considerable praise from intelligent readers

This [book] enjoyed considerable praise from intelligent readers, who were astonished by the novelty of its subject matter, but there was no lack of malicious, evil critics who attacked it with sarcastic arguments and many attempted corrections. All of these, however, were stupid or obtuse.

So said Athanasius Kircher of one of his own books. The 17th century German Jesuit was an astonishing polymath with an opinion on everything from China to microbes to fossils to volcanoes to giraffes to Noah’s Ark, and, it is said, was the inventor of a cat piano that used the miaows of cats with pins stuck in their tails. You can read more about him here:


6 thoughts on “That’s what I call confidence

  1. I was reading some “big name” writer from the past recently and it had an unbelievable preface. I guess the writing was beyond my ken because I couldn’t get into the book and decided not to read any more of this author. I can’t even remember his name but I did put a few unsavoury comments on the inside cover just encase I decided to try again sometime.

  2. I love that. Such confidence! You mightn’t like the book but it sounds as though his own commentary is the more valid to him! Most writers are wanting to be praised or accepted for their work!

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