In the mood..

for a bit of Blake


And every Space that a Man views around his dwelling-place

Standing on his own roof or in his garden on a mount

Of twenty-five cubits in height, such space is his Universe:

And on its verge the Sun rises and sets, the Clouds bow

To meet the flat Earth & the Sea in such an order’d Space:

The Starry heavens reach no further, but here bend and set

On all sides, & the two Poles turn on their valves of gold…


From Milton


Image: By Scott Kelly – Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, Public Domain,

6 thoughts on “In the mood..

  1. Love the two Poles turning on their valves of gold, and “such space is his Universe.” Thanks, Gert! Just spent an evening at a chamber concert with Bach played by a string/flute/harpsichord ensemble and a singer who is Anthea’s friend and trained in Renaissance music. This fits well.

  2. I looked up Blake’s ‘Milton’, which I don’t really know anything about. What do you think of Blake’s mysticism and his apocalyptic visions? I’m fine so long as I let the language wash over me, but I founder when I try to work out what it means.

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