Taxing times


It’s tax time in Australia. Here are some ingenious excuses the Tax Office hears:

Excuse 1: someone stole my pants

One taxpayer said a thief had broken into the car and walked off with his pants.

Excuse 2: holiday brain

A rare condition that causes you to forget you haven’t put in your tax return.

Excuse 3: ‘What’s a tax return? Never heard of it!’

Taxpayers also often tell the ATO that they don’t know what a tax return is.

Excuse 4: A mouse ate my receipts

Another car break in, this time by a mouse who ate all the tax receipts.

Excuse 5: ‘The car wash did it’

More car problems when all traces of purchases were washed away.

Excuse 6: ‘My wife did it’

How sneaky is that? A man went to the loo in the middle of doing his tax return and his wife changed his deductions.

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