One foot after the other



A 2018 study that tracked participants’ activity levels and personality traits over 20 years … found that those who moved the least showed malign personality changes, scoring lower in the positive traits: openness, extraversion and agreeableness.
Shane O’Mara In Praise of Walking

Those of you who, like Gert, enjoy putting one foot in front of the other will appreciate these three books.  Research is only now revealing how the brain and nervous system perform the mechanical magic of balancing, navigating a crowded city, or running our inner GPS system. Neuroscientist Shane O’Mara’s book is a hymn to walking, exploring the marvel that is the walking human body and the benefits of walking for our bodies and minds.

If you’re the meditative type you’ll enjoy the insights of Adam Ford’s sturdy little companion for walking, whether it’s to the bus stop or to the top of Annapurna.  This one would make a great present for the walker in your life (or for yourself, in Gert’s case).

And everyone loves Rachel Joyce’s story of Harold Fry, who sets off to post a letter and ends up walking the length of England – 627 miles in 87 days – to visit a long-lost friend  dying of cancer. It’s the ultimate pilgrimage story in which the pilgrim changes everyone he meets as well as changing himself.

6 thoughts on “One foot after the other

  1. In theory we go for a walk each day — blessed as we are living in a national park we have walks of varying lengths right from our front or back door — but it doesn’t always work out that way. At least most of them involve a hill of some sort so that’s good for the ticker! I’m not sure about walking the length of Britain though…

  2. I hadn’t heard of Rachel Joyce’s book, but I’ve requested it from the library. It sounds like the sort of book I need at the moment! I do a lot of walking though. Walking with the dogs on the beach is often the highlight of my day.

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