Win a reindeer


Yes, that’s the prize for Gert’s Xmas Pun-ch quiz. Give your guests a mental workout after the fourth helping of pudding with these brain-teasers, one for each of the twelve days of Christmas:

1. Unfortunate queen, the poster girl for acne treatment

2. Victorian novelist AT, a bit of a slapper

3. English philosopher who scurried along like falling leaves

4. French commander made up of layers of pastry and custard

5. English writer often seen in sheep’s clothing

6. Israeli politician right out of Gulliver’s Travels

7. A sporty wild cat in the forest

8. US president, a sci-fi weapon

9. American singer forbade underwear, or possibly wore iron underwear, or possibly had special underwear when she went out drinking

10. Italian dictator like a rodent

11. He trapped his musical compositions in his surname

12. A tennis player with a royal surname and a sweet first name



And Happy Christmas from the Gerts:


26 thoughts on “Win a reindeer

  1. I know number 4! Have to work on the others — Merry Christmas — hope Santa brought everything you wanted, and some cool weather to boot. We are getting snow on Christmas Eve after none for quite a long time, and the kids arrive in a few hours. Love to you all —

    1. Living in Wales, I can’t get the phrase “wee like sheep” out of my head whenever I hear or sing this. (Better than the alternative charge levelled at Welshmen, referring to alleged ungulate paramours …)

  2. Silent Travelling Companion can answer at least eight or nine of these questions He is not prepared to answer in this public forum but can submit by separate cover He is very keen to take receipt of reindeer

        1. I believe there is a native species originating from a shipwrecked Nordic vessel. A reindeer that was being delivered to the South Pole escaped and mated with a wallaby.

  3. Now Gert that reindeer is looking pretty mangy not sure I would want to win that. How’s that for an excuse?
    Merry Christmas to you two ladies.
    Leslie from Canada xoxo

  4. 1. Mary Queen of Spots
    2. Anthony Trollope
    3. Bertrand Russell
    4. Napoleon
    5. Virginia Woolf
    6. Benjamin Netanyahu (or yahoo)
    7. Cougar
    8. Ronald Reagan
    9. Dunno
    10. Benito Mussolini
    11. Franz Liszt
    12. Billie Jean King

    We’d very much appreciate it if the reindeer could bring the answer to #9 with it when it comes.

    Answers from Rob and Jan in Yass Communicated by Sally (E D)

  5. Apparently Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus among others are on the list for #9, along with others. But nothing definitive from Google, and zero answers from my own knowledge of such things. Hope the reindeer can meet the challenge –

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