5 thoughts on “Here’s your New Year’s present

    1. Thanks Jacqui. We haven’t been personally involved, but the scale of it is staggering. It’s hard to see some of t hose small towns ever rebuilding.

      Happy New Year to you. Did you have some nice wine?

  1. Wonderful. Stunning. I do feel as though I’m there. And Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to you both from wet Wales (once upon a time it would have been West Wales but the ‘s’ was nicked by rainclouds to hiss on the roof. I wish Australia could have some of our rain).

    1. Thanks Chris. It’s a wonderfully beautiful part of the world. And thanks for the offer of rain from Wales. A simpler solution might be a pipeline from Indonesia to divert the floodwater into a series of giant sprinklers. Climate change? What’s that?

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