A Woman’s Face….



Mrs Bazeley was a woman in her late fifties who contrived by the aid of makeup to look considerably older. Makeup for Mrs Bazeley was not a means to a glorious end, but just something that she did every day like putting on her shoes. Above her eyebrows, which were insufficiently eradicated, she painted two brown arches: then she smacked a pink paste all over her face, dabbed two patches of red on her cheeks and fluffed a great deal of powder over the whole picture… This morning the usual suggestion of incipient tuberculosis had been intensified by the use of a pale lilac lipstick.  Only a Matter of Time. V C Clinton-Baddely  1969

I take care always to be well-groomed so my white hair doesn’t make me look like some old beatnik. Not that I’m obsessed by how I look; at my age I find that sort of vanity a bit sad. I just want people to say to themselves when they look at me: Wow! That woman’s in good shape! Hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians, hyaluronic acid fillers, intense pulsed light treatments, well-cut clothes, good quality make-up, day and night creams, siestas…I’ve always had a Marxist view of beauty. The Godmother Hannelore Cayre 2019

8 thoughts on “A Woman’s Face….

  1. Love it. These are great quotes — part of your month’s reading? I like the distinction, in the case of Mrs. Bazeley, between makeup being something that she did everyday, rather than a “means to a glorious end.” The woman in the photo (if she is intended to be Mrs. Bazeley? or more like a role model for Mrs. Bazeley?) does indeed look as if she has a glorious end in sight, if only to shock those around her. Thanks, Gert!

        1. Interesting observation. The first comes from a detective novel set in a posh English village during an elegant music festival, so the author is looking down on the woman, who is a a rather dodgy antique dealer. The other woman is French and a very feisty character.

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