Lemonade out of lemons: the new you

So you can’t go to the hairdresser.  Why not take the chance to create an entirely new you? Here are some ideas you can try at home:

And if you live somewhere really cold, how about a hair-freezing contest like this one in Canada?



Images: Wikimedia Commons

14 thoughts on “Lemonade out of lemons: the new you

          1. Not so much sit on my should, but he does like to be held and hang over my shoulder. He would go nicely with ringlets, but I wouldn’t do well at creating them.

  1. Dusty!
    When you’re wishin’ and hopin’ for the look of love I only want to be with you.
    You don’t have to say you love me just backcomb your hair.

  2. That hair freezing in Canada is something else. They were in the water. I once had icicles hanging from my nose when I was skiing. Boy was it cold…probably minus 40′ C.

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