Gert is addicted to…

What better use could you have for your shut-at-home hours than this excellent and addictive hobby?



Lewis Carroll invented this maddeningly amusing pastime. The Gerts have different approaches to it: one is rigorously logical and the other prefers to invent narratives about what the characters are likely to do. No prizes for guessing who the true addict is.

24 thoughts on “Gert is addicted to…

  1. Gives me nightmares about my second round of the Law School Admission Test. I aced the first LSAT in 1980. By the time I took it again in 1987 or so, they had added logic questions. I did very respectably, after a lot of studying, but the logic questions haunted my dreams after that.

  2. I can never work out the solution to a problem that sounds to me something like this,’ The Postmistress has three sons Alf is 6 years years older than Jim and Jim is half as old as Percy, one rides a bicycle, the one who has red hair has roller skates and the fattest boy helps his mother in the Post Office, which one has false teeth?’

    Other Gert

  3. I’m sorry, all I can hear is Kyle’s song ‘Physical’ but with the word ‘logical’ substituted. I give whichever Gert would like it this earworm for free.

    1. True here too, JacquiWine. Some of them have very entertaining things to say about what happened when they caught the dog eating pieces that had fallen on the floor.

        1. There’s been such a huge surge in online ordering that the Post Office is battling to get things delivered- long delays (including to the birthday present for Gert 2).

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