Mind your mustashes



Gert does love a good insult.

In 1658, when he must have been in his late forties, he sent a long and ornately abusive letter to his cousin, challenging him to a duel…If the cousin would neither make amends or accept the challenge, Urquhart proposed to disperse copies of his letter ‘over all whole the kingdome off Scotland with ane incitment to Scullions, hogge rubbers [sheep-stealers], kenell rakers [gutter-scavengers] – all others off the meanist sorte of rascallitie, to spit in yor face, kicke yow in the breach to tred on yor mushtashes …’

Sir Thomas Urquhart, whose main claim to fame is his translation of part of Rabelais.


Image Wikimedia Commons

7 thoughts on “Mind your mustashes

    1. could be risky Teri – they’d have to tred (I prefer it spelt like that, don’t you? Onomatopoeic) on his face. Maybe it would be safer to grow them longer like the cavalier in the picture. He would “save face” haha.

  1. One insult that I remember was from this rather elderly gentleman, (maybe he wasn’t such a gentleman) that women were either ugly and smart or beautiful and dumb. That’s a no win situation for a woman, you are either dumb or ugly. I considered him to be rather ugly and stupid.

    1. swo8 — at least he allows the possibility that some women are smart. It does sound as if he thought he’d do better with “beautiful and dumb,” although he might have a hard time finding any who would put up with him.

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