The black cloud carries the sun away…

As the City of Melbourne goes back into a six week lock down and the Russian Government refuses to say how many of people in Siberia have died of Covid 19 related illnesses, It is salutary to remember our history.

In the village of Vaughan (above), the countryside   was once crowded with gold miners and Chinese market gardeners. A school was opened there in 1856, and within ten years there was a court of petty sessions, two hotels, and a steam driven quartz crushing machine.

The population decreased in the 1890’s and the school was closed in 1892.

By 1933 the population was thirty-nine.

Today it is sixty-two.

To what can our life on earth be likened?

To a flock of geese

alighting on the snow

Sometimes leaving a trace of their passage

Su Shi



3 thoughts on “The black cloud carries the sun away…

  1. So to hear about the shut down in Melbourne Su. It will probably happen from time to time until we beat this plague.

      1. It will be interesting to see with their approach. Less humane but then not being able to work is stressful too. By the time the US is finished they won’t need a vaccine….

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