Gert’s Science Corner


Gert’s readers will immediately recognise this. Here’s your challenge. Was it used to find out:

what would happen if the world were made of blueberries

the effects of watching sad videos on performance of squats

how many hot dogs human beings are capable of eating at one sitting

the specifications for a GoPro to be mounted on beetles

All of these projects are real, we promise. Thank God for those scientists beavering away!  If you really want to know more, just google and more will be revealed than you ever wanted.

2 thoughts on “Gert’s Science Corner

  1. The blueberry equations look more like this: E=(16\pi^2 G/15)(\rho_{berries}^2 r_{earth}^5 – \rho_{pulp}^2R_{pulp}^5) \approx 4.3594\times 10^{29} J. (for the gravitational energy produced).

    The hot dog study provided a theoretical answer, but no equations that I could easily spot.

    The squat performance related to evocative videos was perhaps the most interesting, and the beetle GoPro search got one interesting article (sans equations) and lots of ads.

    My Google skills are not mad enough to solve this one.

    Gert will have to tell us — after an appropriate amount of time. My money is on the blueberries, but perhaps only because they are so tasty.

  2. I would go with the hot dog theory. My husband used to read stuff like that.
    I’m just finishing the Odyssey and enjoyed it much more than the Iliad.

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