Lawn bowls without the booze

Are you looking for a new sport? Gert has just the thing for you:

hand to hand fighting with needles?

garden-hose cracking?


bicycle jousting?

No – it’s axe-throwing. The  International Axe Throwing Federation has 10,000 members in six countries. Australia has venues like Maniax, Axxe and Lumber Punks. And there are more women than men who throw axes for fun (I wonder why that would be?)

Think of darts with an axe. And unlike darts, with its rather prissy handgrip, you have a choice of techniques. You can throw one- or two-handed, hurl your axe blade-first with terrifying force, or loop it end over end towards the bullseye. The first challenge is to land the blade and not just crash the whole thing into the target. Don’t stand in front of the target like this dopey bloke – and stay off the booze. And no, we don’t recommend it for a first date.


10 thoughts on “Lawn bowls without the booze

  1. That guy is just axing for trouble where he’s standing (or maybe where he was stood): and I don’t like the stance of the axe-thrower, she looks keen as mustard to get that chopper whizzing towards him. He’s probably still wondering what he said that’s annoying her, but he knows he ought to divine it without having to axe, uh, ask.

    1. Do you know Chris, you’re the first person I thought of when I read about this sport. I can just see you dressed in your doublet, hurling a curlicued medieval axe. Go on, I know you want to.

      1. I’m better with metaphorical axes, specially ground, honed to perfection, aimed to split hairs of spurious arguments, outlining the shape of narratives and only going to the heart when necessary to briefly expose it before the cut heals up and all is well again.

  2. It’s quite a thing in Alaska too. A couple of venues for it last year at the State Fair (of course, no state fair this year). There are also some indoor venues for it around town; I haven’t looked to see if any of them have re-opened. Haven’t tried it . . .

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