14 thoughts on “Big bad wolf

  1. These are much needed — I want one in the front of the house, and one in the back — happy with just scaring away bears. Better yet, one that I can take hiking with me.

    I do like that the bear pictured running away in the video is in the snow (when bears are usually, but not always) hibernating, and all of the footage of the wolves is in the summer.

      1. The Drop bear sounds like those extinct giant koalas. I would hope that they too would avoid the robot wolves.

        Australia has little poisonous/venomous creatures; better (in my book) than hungry bears.

        1. And snakes! I’ve just been doing the Great South West Walk on the Victorian-South Australian coast and we saw many a tiger snake. At least they run away when they sense your great clumping boots coming along.

          1. How great that you are allowed to go out hiking. Does this mean that things are better in Victoria (as we have read recently?).

            Guess I will need something more snake-resistant than my Chaco sandals for my next trip —

            1. Yes, Victoria is doing very well. No new cases or deaths for 18 days. We are progressively freeing up and this Sunday there’ll be more announcements about extending our freedoms. Still a universal mask mandate which people are being very good about.

              1. Jealous. And Australia is as much wild, independent frontier land as Alaska. People here are often very angry about mask mandates, or even recommendations (not to mention that they go to big gatherings). Enjoy!

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