22 thoughts on “Happy 250th birthday Ludwig

      1. Gert — several Laffs, and Monty Python is always a good place to start. Our kids watched more Sesame Street than Monty Python, but MP was a significant part of their childhood.

                  1. I have written a tanka prose about the Huntsman spider, and submitted it. Hope that the journal accepts it. In the process, I found that at least one tribe considers Rigel, one of Orion’s knees, to be Kara, the red-backed spider. I was hoping to find interesting myths associated with the Huntsman, but only found one story (that a grumpy dead female Huntsman played a role in making sure that all of the tribes had different languages, rather like the Tower of Babel — I would have to look up the details.).

  1. I’ve been playing the start of the slow movement from the Emperor Concerto. The piano part isn’t hard to play – of course it’s hard to play well. But still, to sound the notes oneself is an abiding pleasure.

    1. Some of the early pisno sonatas have easy bits. Myself I’ve always wanted to play Sonata 32 opus 111 which has the crazy almost boogie woogie movement (and is wildly beyond me.)

  2. I know the crazy boogie-woogie movement you’re referring to. A long time ago I decided not to worry about the tempo, but just to let the chords sound in my head.

    1. Andras Schiff is very angry about that movement being described as like boogie woogie which he says is ‘banal’ Have he heard his Wigmore Hall talks where he plays and discusses all the piano sonatas ?

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