Christmas carol for the times

Australia’s magnificent ABC has been a wonderful resource and support for people confined at home over the weary pandemic months. In November ABC Classic invited people to join a virtual choir to sing a new Aussie Christmas carol by Yorta Yorta singer and composer Deborah Cheetham. 1500 people of all ages from all over Australia, and expats all around the world, did.

22 thoughts on “Christmas carol for the times

      1. Not as much. Our daughter is doing Christmas dinner. Mind you I just made some lemon curd – oh boy is that good in a tart with whipped cream.
        Leslie 😉

        1. Just listening to this again, on Christmas Eve as we are finishing up the tree and wrapping gifts (for each other — all others have been mailed). It’s the perfect thing. I looked for your names in the list at the end . . . but haven’t spotted them. Santa has already come and gone, and instead of fresh snow and icicles, we hope you are enjoying delightful weather, good food, and an after-dinner walk —

          1. Neither of us took part – I don’t really know why, just didn’t get the act together.
            We had our family Xmas (a slimmed-down one) last weekend and today is very low-key. Good food and walks of course. The weather is a bit characterless today but we’re expecting sun in the next few days. Planning to see a film called “Ottolenghi and the cakes of Versailles”, doing a lot of reading… the usual, really.

            Hope Santa is kind to you. I’ll send you “The Lies and Life of Bella Hatherley”.

            1. As in Yotam Ottolenghi, whose cookbooks I like? Seeing the film in a theater (says the American rather wistfully)? Santa is already kind, in the sense of good health and companionship, and there are quite a number of gifts under the tree.

              I’ll look forward to the book!

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