Do it yourself

Gert was inspired to read in The Guardian that someone arrested for performing cosmetic surgery without qualifications said, “You can learn anything on YouTube these days.”

Cosmetic surgery, why not?  Gert has a friend who learned on YouTube how to invisibly repair gaping holes in the wall and even how to do major repairs on a septic tank.  A nose job or a brow lift would be child’s play to her. 

But if it’s really true that you can learn anything from YouTube, the College of Surgeons must be shivering in their surgical slippers, the chartered accountants weeping into their spreadsheets, NASA worrying about their budget and Boris Johnson seeing his reputation for wit slipping away.  The Royal Opera, the premier football league, the Michelin-starred restaurants….. it just doesn’t bear thinking about.  And what about designer fashion? 


Is it possible that YouTube is a cunning Marxist tool designed to overturn the entire world order and bring in a genuinely egalitarian system?

When submitting your answer, please use tungsten metal gate etching or a Dremel 4000 etching tool. 

11 thoughts on “Do it yourself

  1. In regard to medicine (diseases and medications), people value more the opinion of Dr. Google than the counseling of a licensed doctor. Love your post and the yellow boots!

    1. Not relevant to this discussion, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been sworn in as President and Vice-President of the U.S. We look forward to once again joining the world community and moving forward to greater peace, health, and freedom —

        1. I feel as if a great cloud has been lifted! Thought Biden’s speech hit exactly the right notes and I agree with what George Bush is reported to have said, that he was the only person who could have beaten Trump.

          As for the boot, it is, of course, my own invention! I can make you a pair if you like, Leslie.

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