Shocking lockdown facts


There’s a worldwide shortage of garden gnomes due to the popularity of gardening during the lockdown, compounded by the blockage of the Suez Canal.  Did you know how many of those ships steaming up the canal are loaded to the gunwales with gnomes? And the popularity of the gnome has spread to “a different clientele”, so the gnome-loving hoi polloi have to fight off the aristocrats who’ve just woken up to their charm. 

All the more reason for Gert to hold onto Robbie Flower, her forty-year old garden gnome named after a Melbourne football player, who lives indoors so the weather won’t ruin his colours. 

Another effect of lockdown has been the theft of cats.  There’s been a 12.3% rise in cat theft in Britain in the past year. Some people say, though, that cats may be deciding to move out because they don’t like their houses cluttered up with humans all day long.



21 thoughts on “Shocking lockdown facts

  1. Oh, did I enjoy your post! Since I don’t presently possess a garden gnome of my own (love yours BTW), I guess it’s now too late for me to (legally) acquire one. But wait — perhaps all hope is not lost! I’m sure at least one of my neighbors has one I can, ahem, “borrow.”
    As for cat theft — quelle horreur! Although the cat in your photo (is he yours? he’s really gorgeous, looks almost like a Russian Blue) doesn’t look too concerned, I must take no chances. I will now place my own pampered darlings under lock and key!

    1. Somebody in Aus a few years ago stole a neighbour’s garden gnome and took it overseas, and sent them postcards from the gnome.
      Yes, that is the beast in charge of our house, Celie. Her dad was a Russian Blue and her mother some sort of blue-eyed cat so she is very fetching.

      1. Re the kidnapped garden gnome: how very cruel, to know your little friend is being held hostage abroad . . . were there any ransom demands?
        Re Celie: it sounds like the line of authority in your household is very similar to that in mine, i.e., feline commands, human obeys. I once was lucky enough to have had a Russian Blue, a charismatic dictator who rulled his domain with a iron paw in a velvet glove. Lovely Celie appears to cut from the same cloth!

        1. The postcards showed the gnome having adventures all around the world. He was pictured at the Eiffel Tower, Disneyworld, the Grand Canyon etc.. and he did come home in the end.

  2. Love your post with such interesting facts! It is a great idea that you are keeping Robbie Flower indoors. In regard to the cats, I would do the same as Janakay is doing – “… under lock and key!”
    Thanks so much, my friends!

  3. What a great garden guy. 40 years old, too! that’s impressive. I don’t think that I’ve seen anything quite like that in the US. Generally, garden gnomes are only considered to be the tubby little guys with conical hats. Clearly, it’s time for us to expand our horizons.

    Celie is beautiful, and deserves to have such great humans in her sphere of influence . . .

  4. We have a few angles in our garden, no gnomes. One even plays the flute. As for the cats, they’re an independent bunch and probably found a better situation.

  5. I’ve seen the gnome story in the papers over here – along with reports of pet thefts, which have been rife during lockdown. It seems to be more of an issue with dogs here, but no doubt pedigree cats are at risk too…

  6. There has also been a theft in dogs in the UK and I think a rise in illegal puppy farms catering for families in lockdown. For goodness sake, people, read a book and buy a snuggy blanket, and stop letting your new canine friends foul pavements, footpaths and fields with lifestock in them!

    And I’ve never seen the attraction of garden gnomes, fake windmills, wishing wells and artificial wading birds to stock gardens with — I’d rather have a writing shed on the other side of a hedge maze to keep the riff-raff out…

    Oh sorry, is my lockdown grumpiness showing?!

      1. I’m currently a grump because of seasonal rhinitis but I’m sure a view of your statuary would lift my spirits enough to reveal a pleasanter persona hiding beneath!

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