A tip for walkers


Do you get hot going uphill?  Here’s one solution:

I’d never hiked naked through a forest before. In fact it’s safe to say that I’d never hiked anywhere naked other than to the bathroom or the fridge. But there is something remarkable about hiking naked, or “free hiking” as it’s sometimes called.  I quickly realised that the skin is an amazing thermostat. I didn’t get cold – as long as I kept moving my body stayed warm – and I didn’t get hot. Normally when I hike up a mountain, I work up a serious sweat, but without clothes to trap the heat, my skin easily regulated the temperature.  I walked for hours, up steep inclines, really working hard, and didn’t break much of a sweat at all. Granted, we were hiking in what I consider the ideal temperature for uphill exertions – around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The other thing about hiking naked is that it feels good. It really does.

 If you’re inspired by this, you might like to go to Austria to take part in the Naked European Walking Tour, a week of hiking in the nude.  Send us some photos!

Mark Haskell Smith,  Naked At Lunch: Adventures Of a Reluctant Nudist

Photo by Spencer Gurley from Pexels.  No, it hasn’t got much to do with the text.  I  just liked it.

16 thoughts on “A tip for walkers

      1. Skinny-dipping in a nice tarn in a mountain meadow is one thing. Done that. Hiking for miles without protection from the Alaskan fauna? not so much. Regina and Deke, perhaps . . .

  1. Yeah right! As Teri says, what about the mosquitos, black flies, brambles and bears? I’m all for skinny dipping in the water but climbing a mountain – forget it.

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