Shock, horror!

L0013494 A bored physician looks at the tongue of an old lady; sugges

Ageing process is unstoppable, finds unprecedented study

If you had a suspicion that this might be true, pat yourself on the back, if your creaky bones will allow it. The University of Oxford has just confirmed that “a steep rise in death rates, as years advance into old age, is clear to see in all species.”

But, you say, what about that drug that “slows cell ageing so dramatically that those who take it can expect to live decades longer, in near-perfect health”? (No, I won’t encourage you by telling you its name). Pooh to that, says the University of Oxford. Save your money for a nice funeral.

What about those mice who had their senescent cells removed, leading to “marked rejuvenation”? Hands off your kids’ pet mice, and no, removing senescent cells is not something you can do at home with a pair of tweezers. 

And curb your Dracula instincts: last year the FDA issued a general warning to consumers: plasma infusions from young people provide “no proven clinical benefit” against ageing or its diseases.

But there’s no need to go gentle into that good night.  You can still be loud, rude and shocking, work as a professional assassin, join the circus, walk naked to the North Pole, or anything else your heart desires, well into your nineties. Old men ought to be explorers, as our mate T. S. Eliot said.

Just don’t expect to look great while you do it. 


7 thoughts on “Shock, horror!

  1. Am I mistaken, or have more than a few of Gert’s recent posts emphasized oddities, strangeness, horror, and the like? Is it a balance to the classics that Gert has contemplated earlier in the year? Is it because it’s the depths of winter? Whatever the reason, Gert has induced us to appreciate the balances in the universe, while we are still young enough to do that. Thanks, Gert —

    1. One of the Gerts is sticking to her reading plan and the other is in a bit of a reading lull and getting sidetracked by curious and interesting trivia, which usually turns out to be odd, strange or horrible, the world being what it is.

  2. Ha ha, who wants to live forever? You’re right, now is the time we can speak our minds and not be worried about being fired or thrown in jail. Way to go Gert!

      1. No there’s no age limit to going to jail here Gert. Some jails are better than others…still would prefer to be home…. 😉

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