Lockdown music

Thomas Dalton and his flatmate Tom Hamilton, singers with the Australian Opera, created something of an internet sensation when they went out onto their balcony to sing “I Still Call Australia Home”. The performance was captured by a neighbour who happens to be a professional videophotographer. A corny song, but one that warms the cockles of the most cynical Aussie’s heart.

9 thoughts on “Lockdown music

    1. It might be bit trying if their taste runs to the head-banging.
      By the way, I read recently that Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols is suing the other members who want to license their music for aTV series because it portrays him “in a hostile and unflattering light”. How times change.

    2. It reminded me of White Nights in Melbourne, with the opera singers on the balconies on one street, and the punk rockers on another block, and so forth. It seemed to work out fine.

  1. Lovely! I think there were a couple of similar examples of groups singing on balconies (or from flats) in Italy during the initial coronavirus lockdowns last year. A cheering sound indeed!

    1. Thanks for the thought, Leslie. Our useless Federal govt stuffed up the vaccine ordering and they are only just starting to arrive in the numbers we ned to vaccinate younger people. Fortunately not big numbers in hospital and few deaths, but most of the states have pretty heavy restrictions.

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