Bibliotherapy for Harry and Meghan

Gert shares Harry and Meghan’s concern that the Queen “has not taken full ownership” of the racism allegations they made in their interview. This has made it so hard for them to move on that they’ve had to give another interview about how hard it is for them to move on. If she doesn’t take full ownership of that, they’ll have to give another interview, and another and another. It could even turn into a series and a podcast and a TED talk and a self-help course and honorary doctorates and it will be all Betty’s fault. 

But of course Gert has just the book for H & M.


“Give painful people the heave-ho” says Jen Sincero. (Can that really be her name?)

Spot on for H & M’s situation. And what about

  • Create a life you totally love. And create it NOW, and
  • Make some damn money already. The kind you’ve never made before.

Sounds good to me!

9 thoughts on “Bibliotherapy for Harry and Meghan

  1. I have no time for any of them. H and M included and maybe especially. They are clearly headed for the rocks. If you are in the game at least play by the rules and don’t try to play normal.

      1. At least QE2 knew her job and then did it. Does it. All these others…not so much. And now we have to subject to their psychodrama. H seems to have inherited the worst characteristics of both his parents and seems to have revenged himself on the firm by marrying a version of his mother. Enough with the lot of them. It will be something when QE2 goes that is for sure because she represents a long period of history. But enough already.

  2. H&M need a reality check
    When you grow with everyone and everything at your command except HerMajesty, the one thing you want and you cannot have is HM babysitting you .
    I can see them screaming and bashing their cots because more is never enough if you have more than anyone else except the one thing you want.
    Of course I could have misread the situation and see this on their behalf as a cunning manoeuvre never have to work at all because you can always get money by whinging.
    Not like us ordinary people who would get a swift you know what for speaking out of turn!

  3. Follow the money Gert, the more interviews more the money.
    Good Lord, why don’t they just disappear into the ether? Sad, I used to like Harry.

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