Word Of The Month Club: trash


Gert was enchanted to read that the latest woman accusing one of Trump’s sidekicks of molesting her is called Trashelle. Or possibly Trashella.  Yes, really.

But the dictionary had the last laugh on Gert.  Did you know that one of the meanings of “trash” is “to walk or run with exertion or fatigue, esp. through mud or mire”?  What a perfect description of poor Trashelle’s ordeal when she was (allegedly) stalked and groped by this creep. Or we could say, by this trash – “a worthless or disreputable person.” But most people who enter Trump’s orbit end up as trash – “that which is broken, snapped or lopped off anything in preparing it for use.”

Next time, Trashelle should use a trash – a cord used to check dogs in breaking or training them – or dump a bucket of trash – broken ice mixed with water – over him.

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