Found and Gathered

IMG_0615 2

Waradgerie woman Lorraine Connolly-Northey maps the course of the Murray River using detritus collected from colonial structures.


IMG_0614 2

Rosalie Gascoigne, one of Gert’s favourite artists, combines found and natural objects to create uniquely beautiful objects of meditation.

You can read more about this exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria here:


and for more examples of Rosalie Gascoigne’s work;

11 thoughts on “Found and Gathered

  1. So nice! I like, for example, “Two Lovely Blue Eyes;” “Jim’s Picnic;” also many of the others. What’s particularly interesting is how different her materials are from the more traditional indigenous art, and yet how deeply it embodies the Australian indigenous perspective (at least as much as I have perceived of it thus far, and I am very much a novice). Thanks, Gert!

    1. Gascoigne is not aboriginal, but her work certainly chimes with Connolly-Northey. She has also studied ikebana, and you can see that in the spareness of some of her larger works.

  2. This throws me back to my childhood, a tangent admittedly. A children’s book I read of the Murray/Darling rivers and a paddle steamer. The children travelled onboard, of bunyips and ‘goings-on’….

    Lovely art display.

  3. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how such striking artworks can be created from found objects? Are you a fan of Joseph Cornell, by any chance? I went to an exhibition of his work at London’s Royal Academy a few years ago, and it was fascinating to see!

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