Songs of Disappearance

An album made up entirely of tweets and squawks from Australian birds has made history by entering the Top Five ARIA album charts, surpassing Mariah Carey and ABBA.

Titled Songs of Disappearance, the album features birdsongs of 53 of the rarest species in Australia that are on the brink of extinction.

“They’ve been singing for millions of years … and now they’re going …”

Proceeds from the album’s sales will go towards BirdLife Australia’s conservation efforts.

Now there’s a novel idea for a Christmas present!


15 thoughts on “Songs of Disappearance

  1. I’ve just listened to the sample you’ve posted here, and it’s so soothing. I’ve been struggling to sleep for the past couple of weeks (insomnia is an ongoing issue for me), so I may well try this when I wake up at night. Luckily, it’s available to stream on spotify.

  2. The album would make a truly fabulous Christmas present! Back in the (pre-pandemic) day Mr. J and I did a fair amount of eco-tourism. Sadly, many of the bird species we saw were clearly slated for extinction due to habitat loss/degradation. It’s encouraging to see some growing awareness of what we’re about to lose. Who knows? maybe action will follow.
    Love the photo BTW . . . .

    1. I think you could guarantee nobody else would give the same present.
      This at least is some action, but it’s like turning an ocean liner round now that we’re so far down the path.
      He is a very jolly Gang-gang isn’t he?

      1. He is, indeed. I just looked him up and confirmed that I did NOT see this species on my one trip to Australia. I did see lots of parrots & cockatoos, mostly in Queensland (I also visited Darwin) and have great memories of O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat!

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