Ann Boyd – Goldfish Through Summer Rain

Some music for our warm wet La Nina summer. A beautiful composition by Australian composer Ann Boyd played by Riley Lee on shakuhachi and Marshall McGuire on harp.

May you have a peaceful Christmas and New Year and no wrangling over presents.

(I am trying to learn to play this piece on the flute…may take the rest of my life.)

All the best from the Gerts.

Let’s hope 2022 is a vast improvement on 2021.

9 thoughts on “Ann Boyd – Goldfish Through Summer Rain

      1. I had a friend who played the flute and we would get together and play duets. It was a lot of fun. He had a stroke so he put the flute aside and now plays the cello…..

          1. Yes they would and we probably would have continued playing together except we moved out of the city and it became difficult to travel back and forth….

  1. Fascinating music, and instrument. Is it rewarding to play? Sounds quite complex to learn with all of the different fingerings, embouchures, and breath possibilities. We look forward to hearing you play it one of these days.

    No wrangling over gifts — we were in Anchorage; Regina and Deke in Texas with his family; and Anthea in Seattle. Hope you all had joy and good company, and are looking forward to celebrating 2022 —

  2. It is the Silent Companion who plays the shakuhachi which has music written in Japanese script. I play the conventional transverse flute with keys, which is more straightforward to play. Love and best wishes for the new year.

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