Birds for Genevieve

This half of Gert is in a very birdy frame of mind, but there are truly no birds here- just Genevieve Lacey on recorder and Marshall McGuire on harp.

It’s a real treat.

I’m having a lengthy dental appointment shortly and I’ve put this on my phone to get me through the drill onslaught.

Here are the full details of the tracks:

7 thoughts on “Birds for Genevieve

  1. So interesting — and birdlike/not birdlike, leaving one in a space that is neither too spacious nor too confining. I hope that the dentist is absolutely excellent, and the whole experience quickly a memory with echoes of harps and flutes, the drill forgotten.

      1. No emojis here for shorthand, and I haven’t figured out how to “like” an individual comment (although it’s clearly possible to do that). So, a “like” for your comment.

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