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Gert Loveday is the pen name of sisters Joan Kerr and Gabrielle Daly. Gabrielle’s background is in nursing, medical research and music, while Joan is a widely-published poet. Since 2006 they have written several comic novels together. You can read more about how they came to be Gert on this interview with Guy Savage of 'His Futile Preoccupations' Gert Loveday writes with authority on peculiar diets, exercise regimes, body makeovers, extreme fashion, gurus, pigeons, religion, poetry, politics, the health bureaucracy, gourmet cooking, reality TV and literature from the Norse Sagas to Jeffrey Archer, with a sharp eye for character foibles and the pricking of pomposity. Our books are available in digital form only. 'Writing is Easy' is available from Amazon, Kobo, Bookworld and iTunes. 'Crane Mansions' and 'The Art Of The Possible' are on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords and its affiliated bookstores. 'Crane Mansions' is also available as an audiobook at Gert Loveday's Fun With Books is our playground, where we hope to find others who like the same games. We post midweek and at the weekend - stuff about books, writers, writing, words, things that amuse us, some of our own writing.

James Joyce – Ulysses

This month my self-imposed task of reading a Great Book each month brought me to the work that would present me with my greatest challenge. It was time to take down that copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses sitting on my shelves for the last twenty-seven years and actually read it. I knew only that it was about one day in the life of Dublin and some of its citizens and that its structure was loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey. I also knew that it is considered one of the greatest works of Modernist fiction and that its author is considered a genius by many. Hence my trepidation. Continue reading James Joyce – Ulysses

Lockdown music

Thomas Dalton and his flatmate Tom Hamilton, singers with the Australian Opera, created something of an internet sensation when they went out onto their balcony to sing “I Still Call Australia Home”. The performance was captured by a neighbour who happens to be a professional videophotographer. A corny song, but one that warms the cockles of the most cynical Aussie’s heart.

Lucy Ellmann – Things Are Against Us

Lucy Ellmann’s first collection of essays has been described as ‘excruciatingly funny’, ‘breathlessly brilliant’, ‘comedic genius’… But the trouble with Lucy Ellmann is her humour always seems to use the same devices: CAPITALS, long alliterative lists, anger, denunciation, and this tends to pall after 196 pages. Her book comprises fourteen essays and is almost entirely a rave against modern civilisation and the people who have created it: MEN. Continue reading Lucy Ellmann – Things Are Against Us