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Crane Mansions review


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In terms of literary comparisons, I saw the name Roald Dahl, but I’d also throw in the Lemony Snicket books–although I think Crane Mansions is superior. This is really a very, very funny story–a beguiling blend of Victorianism with the temptations of the modern world… Continue reading Crane Mansions review


Crane Mansions reviews


Phew, what a plot! And that’s just the tip of a substantial iceberg. Gert Loveday’s done it again, with a gloriously convoluted (but easy to follow) series of mishaps and misunderstandings all rolled up into a fantastical package: Crane Mansions.

You can read Bridget Kulakauskas’ review here:


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Dorothy Johnston has also given us a great review : Wild, whacky and delicious