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A Life in Music… 1

My favourite word is bleat. Or perhaps it is amble. Or ember. Words that sound lonely. The lost sheep, the dying fire, the slow wandering walk in the twilight. I have been alone for many years now. I was not young when Father and Mother died and they were my truest companions. Their lives were devoted to me. To my music. My talent. A precious God given thing, ‘And a lot of hard work,’ as Father said. After Patrick died there was only me to carry on the tradition. I didn’t have time to make friends. Continue reading A Life in Music… 1

The Eye of Love : Margery Sharp

The Eye of Love is the first book in Margery Sharp’s Martha series. It is followed by Martha in Paris and Martha, Eric, and George. Martha is only nine years old in this first of the trilogy, so while we do not get a great deal of insight into her thoughts (if she has them) her presence is of vital importance to the story even at this early stage of her life. Continue reading The Eye of Love : Margery Sharp

Fashion tips

“Although many collections were really bold, there was a nod to utility and functionality…. At Craig Green jackets transformed into tents, and pants became sling bags on the runway. For his second collection for Kenzo, designer Nigo created a jacket with a built-in backpack that may have been missed among the cartoon prints, sailor theme and flag motifs.”

Continue reading Fashion tips

Ann Patchett : These Precious Days

Ann Patchett is often described as a ‘beloved writer’ having ‘wit charm and grace’ and being one of ‘the most celebrated writers of our time.’ And it’s true she has won the Orange Prize for Bel Canto. But, but, but…. Doesn’t her work sometimes verge on the saccharine? Doesn’t she often tend to let know you what a wonderful person she is? Doesn’t she use the lives of her friends in her own work? It all makes me rather uneasy. Continue reading Ann Patchett : These Precious Days

Eunoia : Christian Bok

In these freezing days in a house full of people coughing and spluttering I do not have my usual time to read. To keep me amused I dip into favourite books and read a paragraph or two before putting on the kettle to make another batch of hot lemon drinks. Those of you who have been readers of this blog for a long time will recall my admiration for this author and his cleverness in writing small stories where he uses only one vowel. Continue reading Eunoia : Christian Bok