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Appalling men


Women are attracted to appalling men, because appalling men appear masked at the ball. They arrive with mandolins and fancy-dress costumes.
Yasmina Reza Happy are the happy (Harvill Seckert, 2013) p. 171


On foolishness, igloos and omelettes


The world has been clamouring, yes clamouring, for more of the unpublished Gertrude Stein manuscript that Gert has in her possession. We’ve even had a tweet from Donald Trump demanding it. So here are its last cryptic lines:
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Sitting at the tollhouse in the waterfall


As part of her outreach education service, Gert directs you to this recent article on business guff in The Irish Times, by Lucy Kellaway. You’ll surely be ecstatic about the level of ideation that comes from this interface – that is, if you’re a knowlivator, innovateer, performibutor, proactiloper, prioricator or winnomat. Are you looking for better ways to effort or to language? Are you cognisant of the optics of your personal brand? Have you set milestones in your swim lanes?

Lucy Kellaway sets out 8 simple rules to drive your personal planet a little closer to the future: