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The Disgusting Food Museum


Fair shake of the sauce bottle, cobber. It’s a bit unfair to put Vegemite on the same plane as sheep’s eyeball juice and fruit bats or roasted guinea pigs. Continue reading The Disgusting Food Museum


The one and only Flann O’Brien


We all go to bed for a week every month. Every single man, woman and child in the country. Cripples, drunks, policemen, watchmen – everybody. Nobody is allowed to be up. No newspapers, buses, pictures or any other class of amusement allowed at all. And no matter who you are you must be stuck inside the bed there. Readin’ a book, of course, if you like. But no getting up stakes.

(The Best of Myles, Picador 1968, p. 46). Continue reading The one and only Flann O’Brien