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Across the Common – Elizabeth Berridge

‘Across the Common’…a nice English title, you think perhaps a cosy Barbara Pymish book about a young woman finding her way in life in a small village. But then if I tell you it was published in America under the title The Violent Past, you might wonder how the two titles could refer to the same book. But then you might consider Barbara Pym, Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Comyns and recall how their very Englishness had quite a dark side to it. And Elizabeth Berridge belongs very much in the company of these great female writers. I find it remarkable she is so little known. I would never have discovered her if I had not read a review of a recent reprint of her short stories Tell it to a Stranger (Thank you Guy at where this quote really appealed to me, the reflection of an aging woman on a visit from her great nephew ‘Another bit of cargo dropped overboard to lighten the boat on its lonely journey over a darkening sea.’ Continue reading Across the Common – Elizabeth Berridge