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Play has been man’s most useful preoccupation (Frank Capra)


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Writing is Easy is about some of Gert Loveday’s main interests: literature and the writerly existence, good food and wine, weird diets, fanatical fitness, egotism and pride that goes before a fall.  Crane Mansions – A Novel About the Redeeming Power of Cake picks up on our interest in food, poetry, schemers and pretenders and pompousness cut down to size. In The Art Of The Possible,  meek Dr Frank Owlbrother takes on feral Oldies, political skullduggery, a sinister Russian professor and the seductions of reality TV in a quest worthy of his Norse saga hero Hauskuld Priest of Whiteness.

Our books are for people who love to read, love to eat and love to laugh.


Writing is Easy:





http://www.3cr.org.au/publishedornot/episode-201803151130/mike-mccoy-and-gert-loveday (radio interview)

Crane Mansions:




The Art Of The Possible:



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