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Thomas Mann – Doctor Faustus




Reading Doctor Faustus is like trying to read a political and cultural history of twentieth century Germany as told by a rather wordy and digressive narrator, Serenus Zeitblum. He states his task is to tell the life story of his much admired friend, the composer,   Adrian  Leverkühn. That is his declared task, but he cannot resist excursions into stories of odd people, into his views of philosophy and most of all into speculation about the character and genius of his beloved friend.

This is my first time of reading, unlike others who profess to have read this book five times, so I will just give a brief sketch of my first impressions . Continue reading Thomas Mann – Doctor Faustus

Christmas carol for the times

Australia’s magnificent ABC has been a wonderful resource and support for people confined at home over the weary pandemic months. In November ABC Classic invited people to join a virtual choir to sing a new Aussie Christmas carol by Yorta Yorta singer and composer Deborah Cheetham. 1500 people of all ages from all over Australia, and expats all around the world, did.

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