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Zen there was Murder – H R F Keating


Having recently read on Calmgrove’s blog a review of Edmund Crispin’s The Case of the Gilded Fly I was reminded of another author whose work I used to enjoy around that time. A little investigation proved that he had actually attended the same school (Merchant Taylors) as Bruce Montgomery (alias Edmund Crispin) albeit five years later. But not for H R F Keating the tongue in cheek elegance of murder at Oxford. His first novel was Death and the Visiting Fireman; murder at a conference. His second was even more outre, murder at a Buddhist retreat. With a publication date of 1960, this was very unfamiliar territory for most English readers at the time. Later he went on to write the highly popular fiction set in India with Inspector Ganesh Ghote as his detective. Continue reading Zen there was Murder – H R F Keating