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Guilt of the Blyton variety

1957reprintlilianbuchanan4A great many of the books left me feeling with racked with guilt because I kept identifying with the least-sympathetic characters, the ones who were a little bit lazy, the ones who were bad at sport, so I think I was quite aware from the start that there was a great deal of judgment built into the way those books were written….

Nakul Krishna, Cambridge philosopher, on reading his sister’s Enid Blyton books at the age of ten (secretly, because boys weren’t supposed to like that sort of thing).

Did Enid Blyton have that effect on you?

Yunupingu dies at only 46

Today we have the sad news of the premature death of this wonderful singer, once described by Rolling Stone as Australian’s most important voice. Yunupingu was blind; he was also a left-hander who taught himself to play the guitar by turning a right-handed guitar upside down. This Youtube video tells you a bit about his life as well as giving you a taste of his music. A great loss to world music.

Baby elephant walk


Taronga zoo trumpets its newest delivery, a Asian elephant calf, who has made his public debut under the watchful eye of his mother Pak Boon and fellow elephants. The 130kg calf was born Friday morning following his mother’s 22-month pregnancy, and is the first arrival of his kind in nearly seven years.  Click on the link to see him in action.