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Romulus My Father – Raimond Gaita

On holiday  with the family on Phillip island again, but this time at Cape Woolamai, surrounded by water and sea breezes. I am happy to report the standard of literature in this house is a great advance on last year’s. We have discovered the owner of the house is a teacher and an expert in Australian history and literature. Hence the numbers of books by Patrick White, Tim Winton, Sonya Hartnett etc to say nothing of the Eng Lit of Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, Kate Atkinson, EM Forster and many many more. Continue reading Romulus My Father – Raimond Gaita

Ann Boyd – Goldfish Through Summer Rain

Some music for our warm wet La Nina summer. A beautiful composition by Australian composer Ann Boyd played by Riley Lee on shakuhachi and Marshall McGuire on harp.

May you have a peaceful Christmas and New Year and no wrangling over presents.

(I am trying to learn to play this piece on the flute…may take the rest of my life.)

All the best from the Gerts.

Let’s hope 2022 is a vast improvement on 2021.

Elizabeth Berridge – Tell it to a Stranger

In his preface to this delightful Persephone Books edition of short stories by Elizabeth Berridge, A N Wilson writes

A short story with the title ‘To Tea with the Colonel’ would suggest to many readers that they were about to enter a comfortable and conservative past, an England which was extremely English. Elizabeth Berridge, though, is a true subversive in that you can never guess, when you start to read one of her tales, where it will lead you. Continue reading Elizabeth Berridge – Tell it to a Stranger