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Sigrid Nunez: The Friend


The three quotes at the beginning of The Friend are a kind of triangulation, three lines drawn towards the point where the writer is to be found.  But where is she to be found? She doesn’t know that herself. Continue reading Sigrid Nunez: The Friend

John Boyne: The Heart’s Invisible Furies


‘Yes, it’s true,’ he continued, ‘that there are homosexuals all over the world. England has lots of them. France is full of them. And I’ve never been to America but I imagine they have more than their share too. I wouldn’t think it’s all that common in Russia or Australia, but they probably have some other repulsive thing to compensate. But here’s what you have got to remember. There are no homosexuals in Ireland. You might have got it into your head that you are one but you’re just wrong. It’s as simple as that. You’re wrong.’ Continue reading John Boyne: The Heart’s Invisible Furies

Anne de Courcy: The Husband Hunters



At $2 million to build, with another $9 million spent on its furnishings…it was inspired by the Sun King’s Grand Trianon at Versailles. Two sweeps of drive rose towards its portico, held by four Doric columns the height of the entire two-storey house; its fifty rooms needed a staff of thirty-six servants. The hall and staircase were built of yellow marble, the dining room of red; the walls of the Gold Room were covered in gold leaf applied by hand.  (131)

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Sarah Krasnostein: The Trauma Cleaner


The backyard is vast. A Hills hoist is stuck like a cocktail umbrella in the dead centre of the dead lawn; debris everywhere in the spongy yellow grass. Despite it being the end of summer, the bushes and trees along the fence line are devoid of leaves. An entropic mound of trash and broken furniture oozes towards the house from the far corner of the yard. This is where Kim deposited the stuff that was crowded up to the ceiling inside the house during the last inspection. (17)
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