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Sarah Krasnostein: The Trauma Cleaner


The backyard is vast. A Hills hoist is stuck like a cocktail umbrella in the dead centre of the dead lawn; debris everywhere in the spongy yellow grass. Despite it being the end of summer, the bushes and trees along the fence line are devoid of leaves. An entropic mound of trash and broken furniture oozes towards the house from the far corner of the yard. This is where Kim deposited the stuff that was crowded up to the ceiling inside the house during the last inspection. (17)
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The Queen of Clean and the Duchess of Much Less


Flavour of the month in France, we hear, is Marie Kondo’s  The LIfe-Changing Magic of Tidying, which brings the ceremonial spirituality of the tea-ceremony to the art of tidying up, with a few added benefits. Continue reading The Queen of Clean and the Duchess of Much Less