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Exit Gert, pursued by a bear

Adam Mars-Jones has given Edward St Aubyn’s Lost for Words a right old kicking in the latest LRB (vol 36 no 9 8 May 2014) :  off the peg and strangely skewed…into the badlands of travesty or burlesque.. In the absence of dramatic plausibility there must at least be comic verve….

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‘Writing is Easy’ on Goodkindles

good_kindle_books                 Writing-is-Easy

A blurb for Writing is Easy has appeared on Goodkindles (www.goodkindles.net)

Writing is Easy is for you if you love to laugh, love to read, love to write and love to eat. Marcus the egotistical best-seller author, Lester, his blackmailing secretary, Lilian, the Gertrude Stein lookalike performance poet and John, the fitness fanatic who doesn’t believe in drinking fluids or in sitting down, are just some of the members of a writing workshop at a gourmet country retreat . Will Marcus succeed in killing Lester before he divulges Marcus’ guilty secret? Will John convince stout, lazy Lilian to be the guinea pig for his book Superhuman Fitness in 26 days? Will the would-be crime writer Rex shake off his obsession with Raymond Chandler’s  dames? Will Andrew, the anal-retentive, chef, get through the seven days of the retreat without strangling someone?
I imagine the book is funny enough, wrote one reviewer, but anyone who has ever tried to write, or has ever taken any interest in the nuts and bolts of literature, will find it particularly delicious. Talking of delicious, I must just mention the food and drink again: I’m sure you could put on a few pounds just by reading this – you’ll see what I mean if you do.