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Pigeons on the grass, alas


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Gertrude Stein – a previously undiscovered manuscript



Gert has a brother known, and not known, as Denis Kodaly, an inveterate snapper-up of literary trifles.  By a bizarre series of coincidences beginning in a Parisian fish shop and ending in a part-time taxidermist’s rooms in Kansas City, he has come upon a manuscript referred to in Oscar Trerty’s magisterial  “Marble Brain – a life of Gertrude Stein” but not previously found in spite of the efforts of Stein scholars. We reproduce here a short  extract.

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Don’t argue with me, Hemingway….

never any end       Enrique Vila-Matas Never any end to Paris  (New Directions, 2011)


There are few character failings worse, in Gert’s opinion, than humourlessness, and this Gertrude Stein had in spades, so Gert was quite pleased to read, in Enrique Vila-Matas’ Never any end to Paris:

…’a rose is a rose is a rose’, one of Miss Stein’s favourite phrases and irrefutable proof that even in the world’s literary hubs, people have always talked nonsense. (86)

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