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Frauds (freuds) 2 – Peter Treseder and Donald Crowhurst

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Peter Treseder *                                                 The Golden Globe circuit

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Sunday Serial – Karma (5)


His arm is round the woman’s shoulders now and they’re both laughing. He puts his glass down and lifts his arm to point, waving his hand round in a way that makes her laugh even harder. He reaches back for his glass, shouts and lurches to his feet.

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Frauds (freuds) 1 – Joyce Hatto and A. D. Harvey

hatto                      harvey


Some ten or fifteen years ago a previously little-known pianist named Joyce Hatto, a woman in her seventies who had not appeared in public for more than twenty years, came to the notice of music buffs thanks to a series of extraordinary recordings put out by her husband’s Concert Artists’ label.

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Gertrude Stein – a previously undiscovered manuscript



Gert has a brother known, and not known, as Denis Kodaly, an inveterate snapper-up of literary trifles.  By a bizarre series of coincidences beginning in a Parisian fish shop and ending in a part-time taxidermist’s rooms in Kansas City, he has come upon a manuscript referred to in Oscar Trerty’s magisterial  “Marble Brain – a life of Gertrude Stein” but not previously found in spite of the efforts of Stein scholars. We reproduce here a short  extract.

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Buns, honey, sugar and Wittgenstein*

Wittgenstein_notes_1914      bear__6179726305     Wittgenstein’s notes

And following on the bear theme, Gert has been thinking about one of her favourite childhood books, Elizabeth Gorell’s The Bear Bus, in which the earnest young bear Stubbins decides to keep a notepad by his bed so that he can record the good ideas he has in the night. When he wakes up he sees what he’s written:

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