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Sunday Stir: Grumpy old man? Nordic Romantic?



Horace Engdahl of the Swedish Academy of Sciences has annoyed a lot of people with his comments that creative writing courses and writers’ grants are  undermining the richness and  imaginative range of today’s generation of writers. Writers, he thinks, have become institutionalised, and are locked into an unhealthy symbiosis with the literary institutions. Continue reading Sunday Stir: Grumpy old man? Nordic Romantic?

Crane Mansions reviews


Phew, what a plot! And that’s just the tip of a substantial iceberg. Gert Loveday’s done it again, with a gloriously convoluted (but easy to follow) series of mishaps and misunderstandings all rolled up into a fantastical package: Crane Mansions.

You can read Bridget Kulakauskas’ review here:

Thanks Bridget.  You’re our dream reader.

Dorothy Johnston has also given us a great review : Wild, whacky and delicious


Matthew Thomas: We are not ourselves*


This is the story we like to hear: a modest, hard-working writer who takes ten years to write his first novel, and hits the big time with it. The book earned a million-dollar advance and has been longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.

Warning: spoilers all the way. Don’t read this if you don’t want to know what happens in this book! Continue reading Matthew Thomas: We are not ourselves*