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With a modest smirk Gert announces that Anthony O’Neill, whose praises she has been bellowing for a long time*, is to have his latest book made into a film:

EXCLUSIVE: Fox has acquired film rights to The Dark Side, the Anthony O’Neill novel that created buzz at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Garrett Basch & Steve Zaillian’s Film Rites will produce. The novel is in the spirit of Philip K. Dick’s style, or Avatar or Blade Runner. It’s an elevated sci-fi noir story set in a future where the moon is used as a penal colony. It houses criminals, psychopaths and curious tourists alike. When an anarchic android begins wreaking havoc on the area and bodies start turning up, an exiled detective arrives to investigate. The novel was just acquired by Simon & Schuster worldwide for publication in the spring.


*See our previous post The Antony O’Neill Fan Club. This one doesn’t sound Gert’s cup of tea but huzza huzza anyway. What a pity that it has to be “in the style of…”  Anthony O’Neill has bags and bags of his own style.

And a footnote because we don’t want to annoy you with yet another post announcement, an excerpt from Dorothy Johnston’s review of Crane Mansions:

Crane Mansions, while sending itself up continually, and tying itself in knot after knot, is redemptive in ways that only a special kind of comedy can be… a celebration of human ingenuity and irrepressible sense of fun.  

You can read the review here:



Image: http://public-domain.zorger.com


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