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On foolishness, igloos and omelettes


The world has been clamouring, yes clamouring, for more of the unpublished Gertrude Stein manuscript that Gert has in her possession. We’ve even had a tweet from Donald Trump demanding it. So here are its last cryptic lines:
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The 1001 Nights of Iarcus Oralto


We have previously posted extracts from the  Gertrude Stein manuscript discovered by Denis Kodaly. Here is an extract from the beginning of Denis’ own magnum opus, The 1001 Nights of Iarcus Oralto, which  follows the travels of a a pompous Englishman in the strange land of Arrapamatta. Iarcus’ tale starts with a shipwreck from which  he barely escapes. Now read on…   Continue reading The 1001 Nights of Iarcus Oralto

Gertrude Stein – a previously undiscovered manuscript



Gert has a brother known, and not known, as Denis Kodaly, an inveterate snapper-up of literary trifles.  By a bizarre series of coincidences beginning in a Parisian fish shop and ending in a part-time taxidermist’s rooms in Kansas City, he has come upon a manuscript referred to in Oscar Trerty’s magisterial  “Marble Brain – a life of Gertrude Stein” but not previously found in spite of the efforts of Stein scholars. We reproduce here a short  extract.

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