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Jack Kerouac – Haiku



Shall I say no?

-fly rubbing

his back legs



In my medicine cabinet

the winter fly

has died of old age


The summer chair

rocking by itself

in the blizzard


Evening coming-

the office girl

unloosing her scarf



from Barbara Louise Ungar  in the Haiku Path , The Haiku Society of America 1968 – 1988

Vale – Ania Walwicz

Ania Walwicz was the first writing teacher I ever had. About thirty-five years ago she was teaching in a Community Centre in Clifton Hill, even though she was a graduate of The Victorian College of the Arts. She had come to Australia from Poland as a child and always retained a strong accent. A tiny woman, she was known for her public performances, often wearing a large black beard.  She was a true original, a Bohemian rebel, always unafraid to challenge conventional ideas. Continue reading Vale – Ania Walwicz