Nana the nursemaid for bandicoots

Remember Nana, the dog that was the darling children’s nursemaid in Peter Pan?

Here’s a nice story about Italian Maremmas being trained to protect the threatened  Eastern Barred Bandicoot.  Maremmas are very big (40 kilos plus) so it gives foxes and feral cats something to think about.

This made Gert  think about  other useful human-animal partnerships. An octopus in a fast-food outlet? A hyena to take your kids to school? A chimp to check their heads for lice?

Any other bright ideas?

13 thoughts on “Nana the nursemaid for bandicoots

      1. Well good for you. I saw this cartoon years ago that said aliens thought cats and dogs were the superior species and that humans were their slaves since the humans went around picking up poop and working to buy pet food for the pets who spent all day lounging at home.

  1. Continuing the animal-child relationship, I offer the following:

    1. Spiders to sew name tags in clothing.
    2. Meerkats to give warning to the tardy child when the school bus is due.
    3. A marsupial (any one would do) to store house keys for the latch-door kids whose parents work.

    1. What a cunning brain. The spiders are a master stroke, and I love the idea of a meerkat popping up by the bed of a sleeping-in kid. A marsupial also makes quite a good hand warmer or hand towel.

      1. I meant to add that breed of dog that’s trained to eat a child’s homework after it’s been done — in some cases even before it’s been done .

        It’s still winter here so I’ll now be searching out those marsupial hand warmers in the winter sales — though they’re clearly very popular as they seem to be all snapped up …

        1. Those dogs are in great demand. I recommend the smaller marsupials : a kangaroo causes some havoc in the living room, and a wombat is extraordinarily heavy when it tries to sit on your lap.

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