The Photographer’s Shadow

Patrick Pound’s recent exhibition of photography at the National Gallery of Victoria had the grand title of The Great Exhibition. It represented an installation of four thousand of his own collected objects and photographs amid sections from the gallery’s collection.
Let me emphasize here, Pound has not taken the photographs himself. He is an avid collector who purchases his images from Ebay, searching in many languages in order to obtain the widest range possible.
The collection is engaging and Pound has collated the photographs into many odd and delightful categories.
Doubles, destroyed photos, people reading, family groups and my favourites, those where the photographer intrudes on the picture.
We see the photographer’s thumb obliterating part of the image, a shadow spreading itself like a lacy veil over the subject’s face, and of course, the photographer’s shadow projected on to the subject.
My image above is an advance on this idea. It has done away with the subject and only the photographer’s image remains.

7 thoughts on “The Photographer’s Shadow

    1. I did wonder if being a collector qualifies one as an artist. But the photographs themselves, meant to be private, but now part of a this public showing, are surprisingly evocative, and he does group them in interesting ways.

  1. I can see he wouldn’t get a gig at your gallery Leslie. Prints of soup cans, the artist’s naked body, other people’s photographs; the art world is a strange beast these days.

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